Hi, I'm Fernando ✌️

Hello, I'm Fernando ✌️

The stylin', profilin', (sometimes) bike riding, UI buildin', Web codin', community leadin', son of a gun!. I currently work as a Senior Software Engineer at Square 🔲, doing JavaScript and Web related things.

On my free time, I ❤️ working with OSS communities. I'm currently organizing and leading NodeSchool SF, a community with monthly meetups dedicated to helping people learn JavaScript in a low stress, encouraging environment.

I strongly believe in building communities that are inclusive, welcoming and that encourage people to know that technology is fun, for everyone and that we, as developers, have the opportunity to use our powers for good by building things that can make people's lives better.

Outside of tech, I spend a ton of time talking about comics, ranting about wrestling or probably baking. (I make some mean 🍪 - guaranteed).

Wanna say hi? 👋

You can find me in any of these places: